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Posting feeds

Posté : mer. 21 sept. 2016, 13:53
par Ste

How can I gain permission to post feeds on Satelliweb? I posted a few that I found including some with images but all have been deleted despite being genuine feeds.

Thanks :-)

Re: Posting feeds

Posté : mer. 21 sept. 2016, 17:28
par Feedsat
Hi Ste and welcome .

You mean in the live feed forum ?, your messages have been deleted ?

I can suggest to send your request to the administrator, the problem is easy to fix but I 've never been heard yet even after more than 10 years as moderator...

I have checked the logs and your IP was banned, It should works fine now, just make a test and let me know.

You can share your feeds in this feed board: viewforum.php?f=1


Re: Posting feeds

Posté : dim. 25 sept. 2016, 23:20
Bonne nuit...Stanley dans toute sa splendeur lol ! Seule sa team a le droit à la parole !